So what am I likely to find here?


My blog, as with my Twitter account, is usually about music or politics and even both on occasion. I may delve into other related subjects as politics is everywhere.

My music posts are generally about music, music artists and gigs. My Twitter account includes a #MusicAtMidnight video every night.

I support the concepts of a Basic Income and I maintain a list of #BasicIncome Twitter accounts.

I am supportive of Scottish independence. Scotland suffers from being politically attached to its bigger neighbour, where instead of being an equal partner within a union of countries, has instead been relegated to the status of a region within a larger state.

Scots are constantly finding that they and their country are being dragged in a direction that they do not want to go, whilst Scots are portrayed by UK representatives, and its media, as spongers, scroungers and ne’er-do-wells.

Scots are regarded as second class citizens and lesser members of the UK.


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