So what am I likely to find here?


My blog, as with my Twitter account, is usually about music or politics, and even both on occasion. I may delve into other related subjects as politics is everywhere.

I support the concepts of a Basic Income and Co-operation. The time of the machine is almost upon us so we must act now to ensure that the new industrial age of few jobs and high unemployment does not mean mass poverty and starvation for those without paid work.

I am also strongly supportive of Scottish independence. Scotland suffers from being politically attached to its bigger neighbour, where it has been relegated to the status of a region within a larger state, and constantly finds that it is being dragged in a direction that it does not want to go, and as a country that is largely dependent on being within the UK, whilst its people are portrayed by representatives of the state, and its media, as spongers, scroungers and ne’er-do-wells, and therefore are portrayed and regarded as second class citizens.


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